Nizhal, a not- for- profit Trust to promote concern for trees, was established in 2005. Nizhal is committed to sensitive urban greening with a focus on choice of indigenous tree species and regeneration of local biodiversity. 

The Team  believes in making the entire process of greening and monitoring a collaborative effort involving various stakeholders including local communities.

About Us
Nizhal initiated one major project, the greening of Kattuppalli, and many smaller ones like trees surveys and tree walks in its first year. Nizhal also paved the way for advocacy by meeting with the Commissioner of Chennai Corporation and the Chiefs of the Highways and Forestry Departments.

If the first year was busy, the following years have been more so. Nizhal has pioneered in indigenous tree diversity. Conservation and restoration and protecting water bodies through green corridors (Bio shield). Free the Tree’ campaigns to prevent tree abuse.

Nizhal has also conducted awareness sessions for schools, colleges and varied citizen groups. All this has been possible through the efforts of a growing volunteer base comprising of volunteers of all ages from all walks of life.


Conserve and enhance Indigenous tree biodiversity for wellness of habitats and all living communities.


Making a Greening movement with the help of public private partnerships and local communities.


Mr. S. Theodore Baskaran​ A writer and naturalist, former Chief Postmaster General, Government of Tamil Nadu. ​

Dr. SekharRaghavan​ Director, Rain Centre, Chennai.​​

Dr. P. Dayanandan Former HOD, Botany Dept., Madras Christian College, Chennai.

Dr. D. Narasimhan​ HOD, Botany Dept. Madras Christian College, Chennai.​.

Mr. N. Dayanandam Retd Joint Director, Dept of Agriculture, Government of Tamil Nadu.

Mr. Raghavendra Rao Organic Farmer and Horticulturist.

Mr. G. Ramakrishnan Retd. Deputy Director, Dept of Agriculture, Government of Tamil Nadu.